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Re-Launch Announcement - 6/14/2015


Winston Watch is currently under construction to improve our services, and our overall approach to our operations. We would like to thank all of our fans, followers, and customers for your support over the years. After 3 years of providing a platform for local hoops in the Winston Salem and triad area, we are excited to announce, Winston Watch will re launch. The new and improved website will include new features that will provide a larger platform for the athletes. Not only will the athletes benefit from the improvements, we will also offer new opportunities for Sponsors, Advertisers, and Investors.


   We have played a major part in providing pictures, videos and news of basketball in the Winston Salem and triad area. We are re launching to become better at maximizing the advantages of aiming focus to all the talent the triad has to offer by bring a different level of entertaining information to our viewers with hopes that we inspire more kids to become more dedicated to their goals and craft.


   While under construction, we will continue to bring you minor updates, pictures, and videos. While preparing for the re launch, we are welcoming any who would like to grow and build with us. In order for us to grow, we are now looking for interns, for expansion of our coverage, and sponsors and investors that would like to be part of a fast growing sports entertainment company. Without our fans, clients, and athletes that have supported our business since day one, none of this would be possible, therefore we thank you for the continued support. More is in store for the bright future of Winston Watch!




Top News

  • The Watch - Players to Watch

    THE WATCH - is designed to bring notoriety to girls and boys basketball players who are working hard both on the court and in the classroom. These will be players to keep an eye on. They are athletes who know how to play as a team, and who respects their coach and their competition. .


    Josiah Jenkins  West Forsyth

            (6'3 SG 180lbs c/o 2017)

  • YBA







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  • Student Athlete Q & A

    Student Athlete Q & A -  is aimed to dive deeper and to gain understanding of the student athletes in the Winston Salem area. We strongly support the concept of being the STUDENT athlete. We want to know what the students like off the court, in addition to how sports influence their lives on a day to day basis.We want to do everything in our power to give scouts and coaches an inside look on some of the area's top student athletes.




          Jayme Byers

            (RJ REYNOLDS HS c/o 2017)

    Q: What do you love the most about playing the game of basketball?

    A: What I love about basketball is that I can be myself with out anybody having to criticize me about every little thing. It's just a way for me to break free from everything that's going on in my school life and family life that I can just have my time. I love it because it brings me happiness.


    Q: What do you love the most about your team this year?

    A: This years team we have a lot of new comers, but they all know what they are doing like CaMari Jeter (IG:@ihoopz_32). We're quick and each and every last person bring's a new style of play to the game. We all click on and off the court. This year is going to be interesting.






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