Game Recording

We will attend any sporting event/ Game and record designated player(s), teams(s) and whatever the customer needs recorded for future use.


We will attend any sporting game/event designated by the customer. After pictures have been sorted we us DROPBOX or pickup to transfer photos. 

(1 game guaranteed 50 shots) 

If you need photos for a sporting event or any event lasting longer than a day please email. (

Event Promo & Coverage

Promoting an event means we use our platform and specialized tactics designed for each individual event in order to bring more recognition and exposure to it.


We will record anything the customer has in visioned for us to capture from the event. Also adding a little Winston Watch flavor to the recording and editing style of the video.

  • Customer may hire us for one part or both parts of the job. We do not require customers to choose both.

Scout Reel/Highlight Video

Customer can either provide us with their own footage, or we use footage we have to create different sports reels.


SCOUT REEL:The scout reel will be edited so that any college or professional coach will only see highliths and key plays of the designated athlete. The reel will be edited so that all key plays are shown in the future entirety. This way the scout can get a fair assesment of the athletes.

PERSONAL HIGHLIGHT REEL:The personal highlight reel will be a collection of all of the athletes top plays and actions. The reel will be edited and mixed with background music. We create the highlights for memories and entertainment for the athlete.

Instagram (1m) Sports Highlgiht

If you ever had a great game, or has winston watch attended on of your big games? Want to give your followers at taste of that? Here at Winston Watch we can create a cool 1m video for instagram so that scouts, fans, coaches, family can get a quick glimpse of your historic game.